Le Matériel Industriel - Profil de l'entreprise


First a printing shop then a sheet metal shop when it was created by Victor Sornin in 1939, LMI has gone through a lot of trials and changes that have contributed to its evolution. Among them, a story worthy of a saga, the company was founded in Montreal in a 3 000 square foot local originally. The company left Montreal in 1954 for Rougemont. Victor yield the reins to his son Bernard in 1968. Ironically fire which its raw material comes from destroys the factory in a blaze in 1970, three weeks later "business as usual". In 2004 after the death of his father Bernard, Michel the son assumes the role of president of the family business. LMI in 2014 celebrated its 75th anniversary. The business model of LMI is based on the following values: family, strength, pride, long-term development and some steel tips ... and most importantly, an extraordinary experience.


LMI is now operating in a factory of 87 000 square foot, the company specializes in sheet metal sheet processing. It now manufactures more than 15,000 standard products related to the ventilation and heating industry. It's expertise also enables the company to produce custom products for industries as diverse as: robotic, agricultural industries, the paper industry, the mining industry, the marine industry. His achievements adapt to any industrial or commercial reality. During its growth LMI has not forgotten the importance of its roots. True to its original family principles it builds on lasting relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and the community. Ultimately the company relies on fruitful business relationships for all.