Why work at LMI?


The reasons are many. First and foremost challenge and become a craftsman of the sheet metal to have the opportunity to learn a little more each day. At LMI, we are recognized for being the first in our field, we innovate every day and use new technologies to differentiate ourselves from the competition.


The various group activities organized by the company and its recreation committee, give its employees the opportunity to socialize and create a spirit of teamwork and community within our organization. This is also the major reason why our retention rate is one of the best. Wanting to be a member of a socially conscious company. LMI ensures that the rejected or wasted materials are recycled. The collected steel is then sent to Sorel to be remelted and reused. The steel purchased by LMI always contains 20 to 30% of recycled metal. LMI recycles paper, batteries, waste oil and neon. LMI also have a plan to reduce carbon emissions.


Employment sectors at LMI are many and varied. You can-have an opportunity to work in the following fields :


Carrières Le Matériel Industriel




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