LMI-CAF - Services offertsFor LMI quality is synonymous with evolution. The needs of its customers, the technical and technological changes, changes in engineering and manufacturing processes, all are factors that dictate the management choices taken by LMI.


Their skilled workers are striving to create effective solutions. They are applied and committed, they improve their skillset to provide to provide an effective response to today's realities.


ASHRAE standards are used to manufacture and design of our products for which the standards apply. Combined with raw materials purchased almost exclusively from Canadian mills, this requirement ensures a quality hard to match. LMI is constantly striving for more. Moreover, internal resources play a major role in this process.



LMI-CAF - Services offerts

Our engineering department ensures refine business processes. It ensures that we follow the standards but first and foremost that we use the most recent and innovative processes. Estimators work closely with their customers to make sure what is the best way to meet their needs. Their role? Evaluate projects and respond with the best possible solution, according to the materials and resources available.


At LMI sheet metal is our business. Whether it's galvanized, satin coated, stainless, black or painted, we have it. We also make aluminum parts. In short either an item from our voluminous catalog or a custom project, the challenge is to our measure. Give us your plans or your order and we will do the rest. LMI is waiting for you!!! To the pleasure of participating to your projects.